Civil Litigation

If you find yourself locked in a legal dispute with a family member, neighbour, business or other party, it can be very frustrating and time-consuming to deal with. You could also end up significantly out of pocket if you are unable to secure the resolution you need.

In these situations, seeking expert legal advice is a must as it can significantly boost your chances of getting the outcome you need with the potential to save you a lot of time, money, and unnecessary conflict. In many cases, even the most complex disputes can be resolved amicably with the right legal support.

With any type of legal dispute, the earlier you get expert advice, the better your chances of achieving a positive outcome amicably. Therefore, we strongly advise getting in touch with our experienced civil litigation team sooner rather than later.

  • Commercial dispute

  • Land, boundary or property disputes

  • Landlord, tenant or housing disputes

  • Unfair dismissal or employment disputes

  • Financial mis-selling disputes

  • Breach of contract or contractual disputes

  • Neighbour disputes

  • Disputes over money


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